Trading consultancy


Nicee Trading provides custom services together with her Turkish partners in Trade Consultancy. We organize matchmakings, find Joint Venture partners, help with the establishment of your company or can give you support in finalizing your business deal. The Turkish economy has shown remarkable performance with its steady growth over the last years. It became one of the largest emerging economies and the 16th largest economy in the world. Moreover, Turkey’s impressive economic performance over the past decade has encouraged experts and international institutions to make confident projections about Turkey’s economic future. We have seen the visible improvements in the Turkish economy, which have led to more and more interest from Dutch companies to express interest in doing business in Turkey. If you want to know what your possibilities are on the Turkish market, contact us.



Thinking of exporting to Turkey?

The EU and Turkey are linked by a Customs Union agreement, which came into force on 31 December 1995. The EU is by far Turkey’s number one import and export partner, as well as source of foreign direct investment (FDI). The Netherlands is the largest investor in Turkey, with foreign direct investment over the 2002-2019 period totaling $24.6 billion.


Looking into importing from Turkey

The success of the import of Turkish services and/or goods depends on setting up an efficient structure. The goal is mainly to approach the right suppliers since one of the many issues is that several products are produced throughout the entire country. Since it is impossible to contact all of these suppliers, never mind signing separate contracts with them, the solution is that together with you we contact local companies, so that you can do business with them.


Considering setting up a business in Turkey?

In addition to the Custom Union with the EU, Turkey has signed Free Trade Agreements with EFTA, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Faroe Islands, Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore and Mauritius. More details are available at

To enter the Turkish market we organize matchmakings, help to find business partners, find the right business location, establish companies and give support in finalizing business deals. For legal consultation or support on accountancy, taxes and administrative issues Nicee Consulting has an ongoing co-operation with carefully selected partners. Nicee Consulting works mostly based on recommendations and we carefully select our partners, and these principles support the interests of our company and Clients. Our aim is that our clients – private persons, companies or official institutions – can see a reliable fair partner in us.